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Home Inspections in Baltimore Maryland

Since 1957 Criterium Engineers has provided customers across the Country with the most complete home inspection services available. The system established by Criterium Engineers has continually set the quality standard for home inspections.

Unlike other home inspection services, all of Criterium-Harbor Engineers’ inspections and evaluations are performed by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE), In Maryland, PE’s are the only individuals who can legally comment on the structural integrity of a building. As a result, Criterium-Harbor Engineers can provide you with a level of accountability, professionalism and value that sets it apart in the home inspection industry.

Criterium-Harbor Engineers’ Standard Home Inspection is a limited, visual inspection, consistent with the standards of practice of the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE). This standard is designed to identify significant deficiencies and/or repairs needed in the major systems of a home (structural, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, roof exterior) and to provide a general understanding of the property’s current condition.

A quality inspection helps you make better decisions. It can also save money and expensive surprises. Being aware of potential problems and necessary repairs will enable you to plan and budget for the first five to ten years of ownership. And since "forewarned is forearmed," you will have the peace of mind that brings maximum enjoyment from your new home.