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Other Commercial Services

Criterium-Harbor Engineers provides a wide range of commercial building inspection and evaluation services. Because each of our clients has different needs, and no two commercial buildings are alike, we will tailor each of our projects to satisfy your individual requirements. Among the many services we offer are:

  • Maintenance and Capital Planning - We evaluate the current condition of all of the building systems and identify maintenance and capital expenditure requirements over a specified period of time. This service is similar to a Property Condition Assessment. However it is typically performed on behalf of a property owner where the owner has a vested interest in the long term operation and performance of the building.

  • Construction Phase Services - We offer various construction phase services, including; constructability reviews of drawings and specifications, construction quality assurance monitoring, and progress draw request evaluations.  These services may be performed on behalf of the building owner, developer, or lending institution.

  • LEED Certifications and Energy Star Verifications - We have LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) AP’s (Accredited Professionals) who can assist you in obtaining LEED and Energy Star Certifications for your building.

  • Cost Segregation Studies - This service assists clients maximize their return on capital from a real property investment while deferring income taxes. It is accomplished through re-classification of real property into appropriate personal property for accelerated depreciation purposes.

These are our most requested services, but there are many others. If it is building related, chances are Criterium-Harbor Engineers can fulfill your requirements.