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Reserve Studies

The Criterium-Harbor Engineers Reserve Study for condominium and homeowners associations  is prepared in conformance with CAI’s “National Reserve Study Standards” and the AICPA’s Guide. Our Reserve Study Options include all of the standard levels of service as well as an “Enhanced” version, which only our licensed engineers can provide.

The Reserve Study combines an engineering review of building components with an analysis to determine optimal monthly contributions into a capital reserve fund. The study uses software developed by Criterium Engineers and KPMG Peat Marwick. This software was developed to provide common interest realty groups with an analysis of their current capital reserves, future requirements and various funding options to ensure the viability and health of a capital reserve fund.

Per your request, we can customize any Reserve Study to meet the needs of your Association. We can apply various strategies to optimize your reserve funding, for example, spreading capital-intensive items over multiple years. We are also available to present your Reserve Study Report at Board and Community Meetings.

The standard reserve study consists of four elements:

  • Component Inventory
  • Condition Assessment
  • Repair/Replacement Cost Estimates
  • Funding Plan

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